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At least it's not one of the nuclear holocaust ones?

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Mar. 5th, 2012 | 10:19 am

Cell phone vigilante jams loud phone calls on the bus.

....Holy crap.

Holy CRAP.

Guys. It's The Murderer. This news story... it's Ray Bradbury's short story The Murderer.

     "Then  I got the idea of the portable diathermy machine. I rented one, took
  it  on  the  bus  going  home that night. There sat all the tired commuters with
  their wrist radios, talking to their wives, saying, 'Now I'm at Forty-third, now
  I am at Forty-fourth, here I am at Forty-ninth, now turning at Sixty-first.' One
  husband  cursing,  'Well,  get  out of that bar, damn it, and get home and get
  dinner  started,  I'm at Seventieth!' And the transit system radio playing 'Tales
  from  the Vienna Woods,' a canary singing words about a first-rate wheat cereal.
  Then  I  switched  on my diathermy! Static! Interference! All wives cut off from
  husbands  grousing  about  a  hard  day at the office. All husbands cut off from
  wives  who  had  just  seen  their  children  break a window! The 'Vienna Woods'
  chopped down, the canary mangled! Silence! A terrible, unexpected silence. The
  bus  inhabitants  faced  with  having to converse with each other. Panic! Sheer,
  animal panic!"

Leaving aside for the moment how douchey or not douchey the real guy doing this may have been.... Dude. We are genuinely, OFFICIALLY living in a Science Fiction dystopia. I... don't know how to feel about that....

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