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Aug. 10th, 2012 | 11:41 am


Why is it, lately, tech support people keep telling me to do things I've already done?

I've been having a string of bad computer luck, lately, so I've been spending a lot of time going back and forth on e-mails with various tech support people and forums. And I am an OLD PRO at talking to tech support, now, I can call tech support like a BOSS, I have the lines down, I know what questions they're going to ask me, so I pre-empt wherever I can. But sometimes it doesn't WORK.

"Hi! (statement of problem) I have already rebooted, powercycled my modem and router, done a virus and malware scan, followed this this and this procedure laid out by your website, done that finicky little thing in cmd that somebody asked me to do the last time I wrote in with a similar kind of issue, and tried this solution suggested by teh googles. What should I try next?"

"Have you tried powercycling your modem?"

"...Yes. Yes I have."

"Try doing a virus scan."

"...Please redirect my ticket to someone who can read."

(*sigh*) I've never actually said that (though oooooh, I came close on that second last ticket to blizzard). I know tech support is a thankless yucky task and the vast vast majority of computer problems ARE solved by things like "turning it on and off." But, but, it's RIGHT THERE! In the original post! If they'd just read it through, it would save both of us time, frustration, and wasted effort!


Back to another round of e-mails and support forums...

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