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We shall miss you, Diana Wynne Jones.

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Mar. 26th, 2011 | 07:09 pm

I found out from bookblather 's lj, and read further on the author's official website. Diana Wynne Jones died today.

When I was a kid, I used to binge read. I would find a book I liked, and then I would promptly sign out every single other book the author had ever written from the library. I would then read them back to back to back, reading in the halls absently dodging passing classmates, reading in class with a book tucked in my binder, reading in bed with my lamp muffle under a blanket to dim the light (causing one very small but memorable fire), reading until I was staggering around in a daze with a literary hangover.

Diana Wynne Jones was one of my first great book binges. If it had been any other drug but books it would have ended with me waking up in a hotel in some strange country with a headache and no idea how I'd got there. As it was I woke up in my own home with a head full of strange countries and no idea how I'd got back.

Castle in the Air. Howl's Moving Castle. Charmed Life. The Nine Lives of Christopher Chant. Dogsbody. The Homeward Bounders. On  and on and on.

Diana Wynne Jones is dead.


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